About Us

The story of LEX Promos, LLC (LEX) is one that chronicles the relationship between steadiness in application and accomplishment. Our initial focus was on event merchandising, involving the design and printing of apparel for on-site promotion and selling. As superior product quality and appeal became synonymous with LEX, the demand for assorted merchandise allowed us to branch into wholesale apparel and specialty advertising.

LEX is a full-service brand awareness, product sourcing, corporate identity, promotions and special events consulting company. Our client base is an impressive one, transcending industry lines to include those in manufacturing, communications, education, insurance, gaming, non-profit, sports, and civic and community-based organizations...Our mission is to help you create long-lasting relationships with your clients through the power of promotional products.


At LEX, we are about value-based performance -- in our work and in yours. For us, being your complete marketing and promotional source is about establishing a partnership, not just acquiring a "piece" of your business. Our goal is to offer proven expertise in specialty advertising with undeniable professionalism and unparalleled integrity.


Our team is knowledgeable, with varied experiences. We believe in beginning from an informed perspective. We choose to get to know our clients, in order to present product recommendations, service and services that speak directly to organizational principles and vision.


Our strategic marketing solutions are designed to advance the mission, goals and image of your company, organization or school.


At LEX, we want to take you out of the land of familiarity, and into a world of untold possibility. We will manifest your ideas and concepts. We make things happen!


Creating and maximizing marketing, promotions and special event opportunities is our business. Through the tested and tried use of promotional products, we will conceptualize service to enhance employee performance, penetrate new client and constituency markets and preserve existing customer relationships.


You can't afford to sacrifice the future for the moment. Decide today to market for success.Let LEX be your complete marketing and promotional source.