At LEX, our clients are our partners. WE WORK FOR YOU! We will serve as Your Extra Staff. With our customized services and programs, we can meet your every need. Say YES to LEX. Below are some of the services we offer:

Brand Awareness

Product attention is essential for sales survival in the marketplace. LEX will develop a promotional campaign to assist in bringing your company, services, or products to market. We will utilize our talents and resources in advertising, marketing, manufacturing, promotions and technology to make it happen. Whether it's a new look for your company or new product introduction, we will customize a program that will propel your products above the competition.

Concept Development

LEX will capture your imagination and manifest your ideas and concepts into profit. If you have a project, thought or image that exists only in your mind, we will work with you to develop a program or product that will illustrate the objectives of your vision and achieve your desired results. Every great product or service began as a thought.

Conference Bags

Are you planning a conference or trade show? Conference bags are advertising tools that make a great first impression while promoting extended exposure for your company, event or sponsors. Research studies, according to the Advertising Specialties Institute, show that attendees will keep the bag for more than four years, using them over nine times a month. During this timeframe, people will take the bags on business trips, work, sporting events and vacation. Every time someone sees the bag, that person will know about your company, event or sponsors. Whether you are organizing an event, conference, product launch or meeting, Let LEX be your supplier of choice for your conference bags.

Corporate Gifts

Staying top-of-mind with your clients is important. A well-considered corporate gift giving program can help establish or enhance critical relationships and become a cost-effective means of recognizing activities that benefit your business. For important clients, employees and colleagues, nothing is more exciting to receive than a gift of appreciation for their contributions to your success in a genuinely thoughtful way. Luxury corporate gifts and elegant executive gifts and employee recognition are our specialty.

Event Marketing

LEX can create a strategic promotional campaign for your company, organization, sporting or special event. We will work with you to create a unique proprietary entity that is attractive to media and corporate partners. Whether it is providing gifts for participants, print and promotional advertising, retail promotional merchandise or developing and executing fan promotions, we will ensure that your target audience is reached and ROI is maximized. We can also develop unique programs for your company outings. We can establish a theme and turn your company holiday party, golf outing, sales meeting or summer picnic into an event that will be remembered forever.

Inventory/Asset Identification

Many organizations are missing out on revenue opportunities or are not maximizing their existing sponsorship opportunities. Whether you are a non-profit, municipality, college or university, sports organization, brand, or event, LEX can help you put more revenue into your bottom line or strengthen your existing sponsorship investments. We will interview staff, attend events and visit venues to assess your assets that can be sponsored, and assign each a value. We will also audit your existing sponsorship packages and provide recommendations on adding and enhancing those sponsorships that will often result in higher revenue generation for your organization and deliver the results you are seeking.

Product Development

LEX will develop the products you need on the basis of your target price, product requirements and schedule. We will produce them wherever the required expertise is available at the best price, and deliver them to your warehouse. Whether it is a modification of an existing product or a new product we will guide you on your merchandise journey from concept through product development. From the simplest to the most complex promotional product, we will make it happen.

Game Day Experience

Game day marketing is a great way to engage your fans and supporters, enhance your brand and maximize the reach of your sponsors and corporate partners. Let LEX become your source for game day giveaways for your athletic events. We create experiences that will strengthen the relationship between your organization and your sponsors. We can assist you with extracting the maximum value from your sponsors by creating a promotional campaign that will give the best and extended exposure to their brand while removing marketable inventory from your existing sponsorship packages that can be used to create new opportunities which will insult in additional revenue for your organization. Game day promotions are also a great way to increase attendance and community involvement. They are very effective at shifting your brand perception and repositioning your corporate image.

Special Buys

LEX has established preferred relationships with domestic and international manufacturers that provide us access to exclusive product development and unique items. Whether it is a new twist on a popular or existing product, a new concept or a LEX Special, we can provide you with that special product that will drive your successful campaign, event or promotion. LEX can deliver with lower prices and maintain our customary outstanding quality.