Let LEX, be your sole source for your school’s promotional and marketing needs. We can assist with uniform programs, senior class gifts, staff attire, game day promotions and giveaways, fundraisers, Spirit Promotions, Licensing program, team wear, etc. We can also assist with branding or re-branding your school. Below are some of the schools programs we offer:


LEX can provide a program for your official school polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirt, sweaters, etc. where a percentage of the sales are returned to your schools.

Staff Gear

LEX will capture your imagination and manifest your ideas and concepts into profit. If you have a project, thought or image that exists only in your mind, we will work with you to develop a program or product that will illustrate the objectives of your vision and achieve your desired results. Every great product or service began as a thought.

Game Day

Game day marketing is a great way to engage your fans and supporters, enhance your brand and maximize the reach of your sponsors and corporate partners. Let LEX become your source for game day giveaways for your athletic events. We create experiences that will strengthen the relationship between your school and those businesses and organizations that support you. Game day promotions are also a great way to increase attendance and community involvement.

Campus Branding

Many schools are missing out on revenue opportunities or are not maximizing their existing sponsorship opportunities. LEX can help you put more revenue into your bottom line or strengthen your existing sponsorship investments. We will interview staff, attend events and visit venues to assess your assets that can be sponsored, and assign each a value. The end result will be higher revenue generation for your school and a more beautiful campus.

Promotional Products

LEX wants to be the source of all your promotional needs. We have access to over 500,000 promotional products! At LEX, we are committed to finding you the best promotional product for your school.

School Spirit

LEX can be your source for all of your school spirit items.